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Final renrer EXAMPLES

This is a collab YCH whith 13 slots from five artists
Free-Opium Free-Opium - Render
Matemi -Lines + fill
-Sherr- - Lines + fill, sketches
freneticsir - sketches
A1tar - sketches, printing and sending

In full size you can see all the pictures >here<

Per one pic

SB- $130 USD
MB- $10 USD
AB- $300 USD
(free shipping worldwide)

All (no AB-only) slot here:

• Almost any specie for month pages (no human. no sparcles, no strange chars
• Only rat/mouse-like species for main picture
• Wings and horns is ok
• Any gender is ok if the character has a feminine body-type (Any body-type for January and for second char for February)
• Outfit can be changed (maybe need some extra money)

- You can chose calendar language and week start day
- By making a bet, you agree that the image of your character can be used to sell the calendar (all rights to your character are reserved for you, chars can't be changed)

• Payment must be made within 48 hours
• Payment only via Paypal, USD
• Bid only the amount of money you have

You will receive
- Printed(A3 size) physical copy of the calendar [free shipping at any bid]
You can refuse a copy and get a discount of $30

- Printable(A4 size 2x smaller than our printed version) pictures with and without date block

- A poster with your character and a special surprise from Alter as a gift!
Only if AB

- A3 paper size, calendar on spring top
- Approximate arrival dates of the parcel on December 29, 2019 - January 7, 2020, depending on the country of residence and the schedule of the post office
- If you do not need a printed version of the calendar, you will get a $30 discount
- Character colors may vary slightly when printing, just keep that in mind

Time till Nowember 12