hot coffee in winter
Starting Bid - $15
Autobuy - $35


Average turnaround: 4D
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Artist Info
- mimi/furry / antro /half human /human are all ok.
- wing , horn, scale etc always ok!
- any gender with both position
- tell me more about special feature if he have.
- winner got both position
- BG is window with snow outside
- can change the clothed but it would be nice if keep scarf like that haha
- if AB i will draw them full body sit on sofa with blanket playing board game or something depending to you want.
- I ask permission for upload the finished art at my furaffinity ,deviantart and my FB page. with credit in the picture. if you don't want to please tell me not to post it.

* male only this time, i will make female ver. later(still find nice angle ) , and I can plus or cut the size / plump or slim character whatever. *

SB 15 usd
Mi 2 usd
AB 35 usd

Turn around
I ask you for 2 weeks or more if I has urgent business

you got :
- 1pic in full color with shaded (A4 300pdi in jpeg)

- paypal