NSFW cumshot ych
Starting Bid - $15
Autobuy - $30

Arseeny Kamaldinov

Average turnaround: N/A
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,Paypal, QIWI or sberbank card. 100% prepayment after winning the auction (excluding fee)

15-18 usd - line + flat color
19-26 usd - line + flat color + light shadows
27+ usd (autobuy) - line + full color + detailed shadows

So same you can reverse species of furry (horse, dragon, wolf, dog, cat - all that you want to see). I can make any erotic outfit or leave the character naked.

You can change facial expression, add any outfit (including kink stuff), choose lighting, light background.
I do - people, humanoid, anthropomorphic and furry (also I do nsfw things)

I also take orders for drawings of any complexity. To order write on mail Hansplatzangst@gmail.com or direct my instagram @smogville
you can see the prices of orders in my portfolio