[Adopt] Night pone
Winning Bid - $6
Autobuy - $25


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Average turnaround: N/A
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Before you bid...
- Payment must be made within 24 hours after the bid ends.
- If payment has not been made in time, the auction will be restarted or removed.
- No stealing.
- No tracing.
- No false bidding.

For future owner...
- You can edit the character a little bit.
- You can resell the character for the same price as you bought the character. (Unless if it comes with extra art, then you can raise the price a little bit.)
- Please credit me for the design of this character in first use of your artwork. you don't HAVE to credit me anymore after that.

Payment method: PayPal only.

You must send payment, and once you have send the payment, the character will belong to you.
Please credit me in your first art of the character. (You don't have to keep crediting afterwards)
Don't resell for higher price, unless it has good extra art.
No refund.

Got questions? Please add me on Discord: ShyLuna#5560