Tea? Coffee? Biscuit? Me?
Winning Bid - $---
Autobuy - $100


Average turnaround: N/A
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Simple YCH with pony in anti-café .. Or something like that.

Starting bid - $20
Min bid - $1
Autobuy - $100

Any species, mares or feminin stallions

$20-55 - basic shade, slightly changing background
$55-99 - medium shade, slightly changing background, emotion
Autobuy - without line, changing everything on background, emotion, shape of muzzle, eyes, ears and slightly body, adding whatever you want

The background will be more detalized and neat, there will be a lot of details

  • Payment first within 48 hours, PayPal (also QIWI or Visa card if you from Russia)
  • I will start working after full payment
  • Complete work in 3 months (4-5 months if autobuy)
  • Serious bids only
  • You must have pictures of your character
  • Refunds only when I cannot complete commission

Example of medium shading and example of "without line" art