Furry Base
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All components of the base are shown in the image
Base cost: $ 40

It will be replenished, so that everyone who bought the base will be able to purchase all small add - for free, and large ones - for half the price.
Base format: PSD

Base rules:

- In no case transfer to other hands, neither donate nor resell (you can purchase as a gift to someone, but I forbid distributing already purchased files)
- This database can be used to create and sell adoptions, personal original characters and references! You can also use this database for custom and commissions
- You can edit the base as needed.
- Do not abuse this database, anyone who breaks the rules will be banned and blacklisted.
- If you ever lose your files,
Tag me with proof of purchase and I can ship it again!
- This base will always be on sale, unless I indicate otherwise in the title!

To buy a base, just let me know in the comments, I will contact you and send by mail PSD file after purchase!
Thanks in advance to everyone who buys the base!