Kitty Adoptable
Starting Bid - $5
Autobuy - $50


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Average turnaround: 5D
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Hello! I am the creator of this design.

SB - $5
MB - $2
AB - $50

Winner will get the reference sheet without the watermark and full ownership of the character.

Also, if you choose autobuy, you will also get an animated icon, a chibi and a full body illustration of this character, all made by me! For context, the cost of these three things together in my commission sheet starts at 75 USD, but considering the difference with the mininum bid and the autobuy, it would only cost 35 USD here! So if you're interested in this pack and have the money, I highly recommend it ^^.

It could take from around 2 weeks to a month to finish the autobuy art, or maybe even less depending on schedule.

If you want to see examples of my art, you can check my google docs/commission sheet and artstation. (The docs has more art than ArtStation right now, by the way!)

Google Docs:

ArtStation portfolio:

- You have 24 hours to pay the finishing amount.
- Be sure to bid only if you're able to pay said amount!
- You may trade, gift or resell this character. If you plan on selling it, it must NOT have a price higher than the one you bought it originally (unless it has new, commissioned/paid artworks).
- If you plan on putting this character in a page like, you must credit me as the designer (Barbilou or @magikyabarbilou on Twitter)

If you could share this it'd be really appreciated, too. Good luck!