Solo Play 01
Starting Bid - $50
Autobuy - $450


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Average turnaround: N/A
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Please note that I will ask the payment in Euros, the costs listed here are in Dolars, but I will ask for the payment in Euros using a conversion system.

SB = $70
Min = $10

The piece will be Cell-Shading with no background. If we reach some goals I'll add extras to the final piece.


- No Futa
- No Underage
- No Drastic changes to the pose
- Semen (This is a girl playing alone)

- Light changes to the bodies, like breasts, muscles, etc
- Any Humanoid body type (Anthro, Aliens, Fantasy, etc)

For samples of my work follow this links.

-------------------- Goals --------------------

$50 = Cell-Shading with a Minimalist Background Design.
$90 = Will Include a Simple Background.
$130 = 1 free Variant.
$190 = Full Color.
$280 = SFW and NSFW + another free Variant.
$400 = Complex Background. Also, there will be 2 slots if we reach this goal.
$450 = Autobuy + other 3 slots (will recieve the goal you reach)

If you can't pay the amount by your own, feel free to join a friend or another Bidder to pay both for the piece.
Want some extra free art? If we reach higher amounts we can negotiate some extra benefits.