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Average turnaround: 4D
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A little bat pony with some injuries (You choose what happened) , she's cute ,kind and she loves crystals (she's wearing a rose quarts ) and nature .She's a breed between an earth pony and a bat pony .
[You can change what do you want from her description and to add her own story]

Here is another version of her , You can keep it if you wish :

-You can modify her design
-Don't sell her with more money than you paid , only if arts are included.
-No need to credit me every time when you use her , but I will apreciate if you do it ^^

-> 25$ - You will get a sketch with her
-> 40$ - sketch and a chibi drawing and an icon 500x500
-> 60$ - sketch , chibi ,icon and 15% discount if you commission me for the first time ^^ or 25% if the commission is with her [Only pony versions! ]
-> 100$- sketch,chibi,icon, discount and a free half body anthro drawing
->101$ and up : sketch,chibi,icon, discount and and the anthro drawing could be more complex{ fullbody , blurry background , nudes are allowed without porn scenes ] if the bid is increasing

Thank you~