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Starting Bid - $15


Average turnaround: 2W
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SB: $15
MI: $2

Winner gets full resolution picture without watermark.
A version with the BG and also a transparent version.


SB: Normal and Uniform ver.

+$60: NSFW reference. (Can be female or male.)

+$80: Will draw a few expressions of your choice and hair down reference.

+$100: 3rd Outfit of your choice.

+$150: Anthro reference [SFW. Choose body type. Can draw with the uniform or the 2nd outfit you picked.]

+$200: Anthro reference [Naked ver.]


+Payment must be done within 48hrs after auction is done. (Paypal only).
+Bids above $100 can get payment plans. (I won't send the files until payment is cleared tho)
+Bid only if you are sure you can pay.
+Re-selling the design is acceptable but only for the same price you got it. (Unless you make extra drawings, then you can charge extra for those)
+NSFW art can make the character be female/futa/pretty boy, whatever you want.