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slot 1

Starting Bid - $80
Autobuy - $160


Time Left: Updating...
Average turnaround: 8D
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all prices are for both characters

SB — $80
MI — $5
AB — $160

❗ At the moment, because PayPall is not available for my country as a payment method, I can only accept payment through Boosty, BUT, Boosty allows you to pay through PayPall

human — ✔️
furry (I don't draw an elongated face) — ✔️
anthro pony whith hands and feet — ✔️

$80+ — line, flat color without shade, simple clothes (stockings, chokers, t-shirt, etc)
$130+ — drawing will be shading, color line, detal clothes (dresses, cosplay costumes, complete sets), any accessories

AB — i draw halfbody your character art as a gift or full-body pony (background is one color fill)

🌙 rules:

be polite
— pose must stay the same
— you need to have a reference picture (not text)
only person A can wear clothes! Slime person B - only nude or sfw (your choice)
— if you want to change the length of the "hair" of the slime persona, you must tell me about it

🌙 PayMent:

My Boosty: https://boosty.to/hrisart

Tutorial how to use Boosty:

Video tutorial how to use Boosty:

🌙 deadline — 1 month

have a nice day! ^^

for question contact me:

twitter, pm or comments