Gift from your partner [ YCH ]
Starting Bid - $75
Autobuy - $130


Time Left: Updating...
Average turnaround: 6D
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all prices are for both characters

Your partner chose the toy he wanted and you buy this...funny, does (any pronouns) really have something to hide about (any pronouns) taste for huge things

SB — $75
MI — $2
AB — $130

❗ At the moment, because PayPall is not available for my country as a payment method, I can only accept payment through Boosty, BUT, Boosty allows you to pay through PayPall

any text
any gender
any emotion (send me an example)

$75+ — line, flat color without shade, any simple clothes (stockings, chokers, etc)
$90+ — drawing will be shading with color line, detal clothes (dresses, cosplay costumes, complete sets), any accessories

AB — I will draw for you half (furry, human) or full-body (pony) shades art as a gift

🌙 PayMent:

My Boosty:

Tutorial how to use Boosty:

Video tutorial how to use Boosty:

🌙 rules:

— be polite
— toy cum + $5
— poses must stay same
— don't be afraid to ask me anything! <З
— you need to have a reference pictures (not text)
— you can change the design of the toy to ANYTHING other than human. It will cost $10 to change the design. Drawing only with your ref pic

🌙 deadline — 2-3 week

have a nice day! ^^

for question contact me:

twitter, pm or comments[/align]