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Starting Bid - $20
Autobuy - $100

Aurora Cursed

Average turnaround: 1D
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•SB: 20$
•MB: 5$
•AB: 100$

  • Any pony race
  • Any gender
  • I draw cutie marks to order
  • The following points may not be accurate. You can change anything to your taste. The quality of the reference will depend on the cost.
  • Cutie mark, palette, labels, background and other simple objects I add for free.
  • I can create you a new character from your description.
  • I can draw your pony from Pony Town
    You can choose the option of work:
  • work on the base.
  • work on line.
  • work from scratch.

☆I'm drawing a reference to your character or custom! (base colors, simple shade on each pictures)☆
    ►At a rate above $ 20 I draw personal belongings
    ►At a rate above $ 30 I draw clothes
    ►At a rate above $ 40 I draw another race of the character (crystal pony batpony, сhangeling and other...) or couple of character (Not a separate full-length!)
    ►At a rate above $ 60, I draw pets
    ►At a rate above $ 80 I draw antro version
    ►20$: full-length
    ►30$: full-length + portrait
    ►50$: 2 full-length
    ►60$: 2 full-length + portrait
    ►80$: 3 full-length
    ►90$: 3 full-length + portrait
    ►100$: 4 full-length

◆ Payments by Paypal (USD) [(or QiWi/Sber/YandexMoney)]
◆ Payment must be made within 48 hours of the end of the auction
◆ The maximum deadline is two month
◆ You can see an example here: www.deviantart....kutuzova80

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