squashing boob

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Average turnaround: 4D
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open 5 slot with this one

- mimi/furry / antro /half human /human are all ok.
- wing , horn, scale etc always ok!
- about gender I prefer female but if male can be muscular or puff
[if you don't mind, without one still ok. I can draw in any size XD ]
- please send be both characters and
you can choose with thing or anus play.

- tell me more about special feature if he have.

- I ask permission for upload the finished art at my furaffinity with credit in the picture. if you don't want to please tell me not to post it.

and I can plus or cut the size / plump or slim character whatever. *

Turn around
I ask you for 2 weeks or more if I has urgent business

you got :
- 1 pic in full color with shaded (A4 300pdi in jpeg)
+ extra cum shot

- paypal