Cowgirl pose static/animation
Starting Bid - $10


Average turnaround: 5D
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Please LIKE this auction even if you don't bid if you enjoy it, so I can be aware of what you like and do similar projects!~

♢ The "nurse" theme is just a suggestion, you can ask to remove it or change to any other theme~

♢ Too shy to bid? Contact me via Discord~

♢ Final [static] image will be at least 2000 pixels high (gif/webm will be smaller due to derpibooru limitations)~

Bid levels:
  • 10~19 USD: Flat colors/shadows
  • 20~49 USD: Full soft colors/shades
  • 50~79 USD: Full soft colors/shades + Cum version + Simple colors loop animation (gif, webm or both)
  • 80 USD or more: Soft colors/shades + Cum version + Full soft colors/shades loop animation (gif, webm or both)

♢ Can change expression~

♢ Can't change poses!

♢ Paypal only ~

♢ If you use Discord, we can chat there and this way I’ll be able to work way faster, but if not we can just use YCH chat.~ My Discord is BlackRoom#8749

♢ If you want, you can also join this server made only for my *NSFW* commissions:
And for the *SAFE* ones:

♢ Please understand that this isn't a single-sale base; I may use it again in the future~

♢ *Please be aware that animations can take a +long+ time to make, I’m only one person and I’m not a professional animator!~*