Strip Game YCH
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Average turnaround: 11W
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The art shows only an example. When you buy, you get 5-6 full-art in good quality
Any Gender: Female/futa/male
Any Species: furry/human/antro
You can also choose your own costume and poses.
🐾The costume can consist of an unlimited number of elements, the number of arts will be exactly 5 for any number. Possible art with the removal of two or more elements.
🐾You can come up with poses yourself and send references, or I can think of poses and replicas to them for you. The same goes for the costume

Fixed price (5 arts) - $50
+NSFW version (1 art) - +$10

Payment: by PayPal on Boosty (the site is verified, it is safe, if there are problems, we will solve them together)
How to use Boosty:
Payment after the sketch
Deadline: 3 weeks after payment