Updated: 03/29/2023

This rules page may be changed for any reason at any time. Auctions and messages which break new rules, but were created before those rules were put in place, will not face action unless agreed upon by the administration as requiring such action.

Specific application of rules and punishments may be changed on a case-by-case basis for any reason, at the discretion of administrators and under any conditions for any user.


Rules on conduct relate directly to the site and its forms of communication. We cannot guarantee administrative action for issues forming outside of the site itself. With this in mind, we recommend using the site's built-in PM system and free on-site payment system (PayPal) to conduct business unless you know the user personally. This allows us to easily review and confirm private messages and payment statuses in the event of a conflict.

Punishments for breaking Conduct rules are based on severity, and repeat offenses and are at the final verdict of administrators.

Using as a medium in which to harass other users for any reason is not allowed. Harassment is classified as general aggressive pressure, intimidation, impersonation, threats of violence or defamation, and stalker-like behavior which causes the user to feel a reasonable amount of general discomfort and fear.
Misuse of private messages
Private messages may not be used for advertising auctions, requesting follows, or for conducting transactions off-site that do not relate to business on-site. Mass-PM'ing is never allowed, with the one exception being if you are sending messages out to winners of a multi-slot auction.
Misuse of socials and emails
Using links found on user's profile pages or emails found in bidding sections for any reason other than site-related activity is prohibited. Sending advertisements for auctions, requesting follows or upvotes, or any other type of begging is prohibited.
Mass downvoting
Downvoting a large number of auctions with no semblance of judgement or care may result in your voting privileges being silently suspended.
Bid manipulation
Creating a second account to bid on your own running auctions in an attempt to force users to pay more, or to find a user's maximum bid will result in your auction being deleted with no winner and your account immediately suspended.

Bidding on an auction with no intention to pay for the auction if you win may result in your account being immediately suspended.

Communicating or contacting other bidders with the intention to intimidate them, strike a deal to settle on a lower price instead, or any other shady under-the-table deal will result in punishment if discovered.

Multiple accounts
You are allowed 1 account under all circumstances. The only exception to this rule is if you would like separate accounts for SFW and NSFW auctions or bidding. All other reasons are invalid. If you are suspected of using multiple accounts for any other reason, you may face punishment.
Automated tools
The usage of automated tools or services (e.g. bots) is only permitted on the site if utilizing the aforementioned tools for read-only access, such as reading data from an API endpoint.

The usage of automated tools or services for any purpose in which the tool or service submits data on a user's behalf (e.g. bidding, modifying auctions, changing settings, etc.) is not allowed and will result in administrative action being taken against the account associated with the offending activity.

Turnaround time manipulation
Attempting to or succeeding in purposefully 'tricking' the system to give you a lower calculated turnaround time by uploading WIP's or placeholder images to the completed slot on an auction is punishable and may result in your turnaround time being locked to a higher time.
Badge manipulation
Any attempts to fraudulently receive badges such as creating alternate accounts will likely result in your profile page being stripped of badges entirely, and depending on severity, may lead to further punishment.
Shady payment options
While we allow the artist to use any payment method they prefer, as a buyer you should be wary of methods which do not allow you to refund. PayPal's 'friends and family' option, Venmo, Bitcoin, Patreon, and Gift cards do not allow you to get your money back in the event of a conflict, and we cannot help in these cases. The artist is capable of running off with your money uncontested. Think first about how much you trust the artist before using these methods.
Art moshing
This method of tracing involves putting traced pieces from multiple different images together in order to form a new "original" image. While cleverer than tracing from one source directly, this is still against the rules as it is still comprised of traced work. Auctions found to have traced parts will be deleted, and if multiple are found, your account may be suspended or your auction creation rights may be revoked.
Tracing is strictly prohibited under any circumstances. Any auction that is traced will be deleted, and repeat offenses will result in a ban from the site.

Bases are allowed only if the original artist has given permission to use their base for commercial/resale purposes. When using a base in your auction, you must provide a link or source to the original so we may verify that it can be used in auction, otherwise the auction may be removed if we suspect permission has not been properly granted.

  • You may only have one account on the site.
  • Don't use bots for anything other than reading data.
  • Don't harass or spam other users.
  • Don't mass downvote auctions.
  • Don't bid on auctions you don't intend to pay for.
  • Don't manipulate site functionality.
  • Don't post auctions with traced or art moshed images.
    • Bases are okay if explicit permission is given from the artist

Content Guidelines

This section covers rules relating to all content uploaded to the site's servers.

Punishments for breaking Content Guidelines are based on severity and repeat offenses and are always at the final verdict of administrators.

The rating system follows a simple rating system to allow users to only see what they want. Please tag all uploads appropriately when prompted. Failure to tag properly will result in a warning. Multiple failures may get your auction creation privileges revoked.

Failure to tag an obviously 'shock' image as such may result in further user action and possible auction deletion.

  1. Safe - A 'Safe' rating says that this image is viewable by all audiences. It includes no sexual innuendos, themes, jokes, violence, or similar.
  2. Suggestive - A 'Suggestive' rating is given to any image that doesn't fit in the "Safe" category, but also does not show actual nudity or imply sex in any way.
  3. Explicit - An 'Explicit' image is any image that shows actual sex, or any genitals including breasts.
  4. Shock - A 'Shock' rating is an explicit image depicting intense imagery such as hardcore fetish acts, body horror, gore, bodily waste, etc. There's no hard line and they are judged on a case-by-case basis. Please use better judgement and tag it as shock if you're unsure. Fetishes such as watersports, inflation, feet, and macro are not considered shock.
Cub & "Loli" artwork
For legal reasons, the site does not allow any suggestive, explicit, or shock artwork labeled as 'cub', 'young', or 'loli'. Implying as such in any similar words through the description, image, or title is not allowed and will result in the auction being removed. Admins will use better judgement based on the artist's past works to make a decision to allow a given auction.
Profile page artwork
Explicit and above rated images are not allowed to be embedded on your profile page. This includes your avatar, banner, and in your description box.
Pre-made items
Auctions for custom crafts of the buyer's character, including plushes, sculptures, etc. are allowed, but listings for pre-made crafts and items are not. This does not apply to adoptables in which the character may include a craft or item along with ownership.
Description specifics
Descriptions are your first line for explaining your terms to your bidders. Your description can make or break a conflict around your YCH, please be sure to add the following if they apply.
  1. Auction uniqueness - If you plan on selling your auction slot multiple times, and the winner will not receive a 100% unique auction, please state so in the description to avoid unhappy customers and a problem.
  2. Payment methods - If you do not accept PayPal or you're able to accept other payment methods, please be sure to list them so your bidders know what their options are. Not stating your payment methods defaults to PayPal.
  3. Gender and species - Just to be safe, it's best to explain which genders are allowed and which species fit.

Obvious links to further terms and conditions count as 'the description' and apply to your auction.

Copyrighted content / DMCA
If you believe that content posted on the site infringes upon your intellectual property rights, please contact Ganix at with all of the applicable details.
Producing explicit content
Users under the age of 18 are not allowed to create, produce, sell, or otherwise distribute any content that is sexually explicit in nature and/or rated Explicit or above.
AI-generated content
Auctions delivering any content or rendering any service that involves AI generation in any form is strictly prohibited.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Auction pages featuring AI-generated content at any time in the main auction image.
  2. Auction thumbnails containing AI-generated content.
  3. End results directly using AI-generated content in any form at any time during the creation process.

Any auctions suspected of utilizing AI generation will be thoroughly investigated, and any violations of this rule will result in a permanent ban from the site.

  • You must properly rate your auctions.
  • Explicit depictions of underage characters are not allowed.
  • Don't put explicit content in your avatar, banner, or profile description.
  • Don't post pre-made physical items.
  • Contact an admin if someone stole your work.
  • Make sure to put all the info needed in your auction's description.
  • Don't make or sell explicit content if you're under 18.
  • AI-generated content is not allowed.

Conflict Resolution

The conflict resolution section is a quick, but non-exhaustive reference for common issues between users during the auction process and how the admins handle them.
It is divided up into several sections: Auction, Transaction, Creation, and Post-Auction.


The Auction stage covers issues which arise while the auction is still running.

Slip of the keyboard
Some of us have had it happen. Accidentally adding an extra number to your bid and bidding way over what you initially wanted to. Don't worry, if it's an obvious enough mistake, we can help. With this conflict, you have two solutions which are not mutually exclusive. If one doesn't work, you can try another.
  1. Contact an admin - Explain your situation. If it's obvious that you meant to type another number, we can delete the bid for you and notify the artist. If there is any doubt that you didn't accidentally bid the amount, we will not help you and you will have to ask the artist.
  2. Contact the artist - Send the artist a PM. Ask if they can remove the bid. Most of the time the artist is understanding and will remove it. However, they are not required to remove it and may decline your request for any reason.

If the admin(s) and artist both decline to remove your bid, you may have action taken against you for falsely bidding if you end up not paying the amount bid.

Bidder's regret
Maybe you placed a legitimate bid and now regret it. That's okay, kind of. But you're at the mercy of the artist. Send them a private message and ask if you can remove the bid. They are allowed to decline you, but it's possible they'll allow it. If they decline, you're still required to pay at the end or face consequences.
User impersonation
If you find another user with a suspiciously similar username bidding on an auction, and you have reason to believe they are attempting to impersonate you, please report them immediately to an admin or the artist themselves. This only really applies to specific or well-known usernames.
Auction was unreasonably edited
While the artist can make changes to an auction while it's running, they cannot change the specifics a reasonable amount in an attempt to swindle the bidders. If you have reason to believe the artist edited their auction details mid-run to try and scam users, please report it to an admin. If we find that they have, they may have action taken against them.
Artist dominates otherwise
While the auction is running and has yet to complete, the artist has full control. They can cancel, delete, or edit the auction (within reason), the bids, or anything relating to their auction with no repercussions or explanation.
  • Contact either the artist or an admin if you made an accidental bid.
  • Contact the artist if you no longer want to bid on the auction.
  • Don't impersonate anyone.
  • Don't significantly alter an auction while it's running.
  • The artist has full control over their own auctions.


The Transaction stage covers issues which arise before payment has been sent.

The rule of communication
You are never required to use any method of communication outside of the site's PM system. You can request to communicate outside the site, and if both agree to that, then it is perfectly fine. If one party refuses to speak outside of the site, then both users must use the site's PM system to communicate.

Please keep in mind that communication outside of the site is not regulated, and under certain circumstances may not be used as viable evidence during a conflict. If you feel the other user could be shady for any reason, using the site's PM system is the safest option.

Artist cancellation
Before payment is sent, the artist may cancel the entire auction for almost any reason. They may also move to the next in line, or anywhere in line, without your consent. This changes after payment, but before then, it's at the artist discretion and choice.
Outbid off-site
We take the integrity of our auctions very seriously. As a result, hosting an individual auction on multiple sites is not allowed.

Please note that this only applies to a single auction being hosted on multiple sites. It is perfectly fine to host the auction on multiple sites if you plan on having multiple winners and making multiple versions of that auction, but please specify as such in the auction description.

First contact grace period
If you recently won an auction and the artist has not contacted you in any way, please do one quick check on all of your socials to make sure the artist has not tried to contact you through other means. If they haven't and it's been longer than 1 week since you won the auction, you are no longer required to pay for the auction. If the artist contacts you after 1 week and you still would like the auction, you're allowed to accept, but declining will not harm your standing on the site and the artist cannot force you to pay after that time.
Unresponsive bidder
If your auction recently finished and you've attempted to contact the bidder who has yet to respond, please send them a message using the site's PM system if you used a different method. You may report them to the admins to have action taken against them if 1 week passes since you've messaged them with the site's PM system. This time period is shorter if you specify as such in the auction's description.
Payment method mix-up
The default payment method of the site is PayPal. If you're an artist who doesn't take PayPal or prefer another method of payment, please state so in the description.

If you win an auction and the artist requests you pay using a method they did not specify in the description, you are not required to pay using that method and will not have action taken against you for refusing to do so.

User refuses to pay
If the user refuses to pay for whatever reason, such as not reading the description properly, misunderstood, you declined to delete their bid, or they no longer have the money, then you should report them to an admin. We'll take a look over the conflict and take appropriate action against the user. In the meantime, feel free to re-run the auction or take the next in line.
Artist asks for payment fees
If the artist requests you to pay an additional amount to cover any fees associated with a payment method (e.g. PayPal's seller fee), report the artist to an admin immediately.

While does not impose any fees whatsoever, payment gateway services such as PayPal do take a small amount of the transaction from sellers as compensation for providing the payment gateway service.

For example, this is colloquially known as a "seller's fee" on PayPal, and it's a fee that PayPal themselves charges for using their service as a payment gateway to accept and process payments. However, as stated in PayPal's EULA, the seller cannot pass the seller's fee onto the buyer (known as a "surcharge"). Doing so may cause PayPal to take action against the seller's account, which is almost always termination of the seller's PayPal account.

Additionally, it should be noted that the price that the auction sells for is the only amount that the winner is obligated to pay. Changes in the payment amount are acceptable only if both parties agree to the change in payment amount (e.g. upgrading from flat color to full color), but an artist cannot force the winner to pay more than the auction's winning bid.

  • You can use any method to communicate, but the site's PM system is the safest bet.
  • The artist can cancel the auction for any reason prior to payment.
  • An auction can't be hosted on another site if it will only have one winner.
  • Contact an admin if a bidder takes longer than 1 week to respond or refuses to pay.
  • Contact an admin if the artist doesn't make initial contact after 1 week.
  • Non-PayPal payment methods must be stated in the auction description.
  • You cannot ask an auction winner to pay any fees associated with accepting payments.


The Creation stage covers issues which arise after the user has paid for the auction, but the artist hasn't yet finished the image.

Artist becomes unresponsive
If the artist stops responding after you've sent payment and details, follow these steps before refunding to avoid issues:
  1. Wait until at least 1 month after paying to start this process.
  2. Check if the artist has mentioned anything about a vacation, time away, or a hiatus on any of their socials.
  3. Send a message on the site stating that you would like an update on your auction. You can include worries about their absence if you wish.
  4. If they don't respond to that within 5 days, send another message stating that if you don't receive a response within 14 days, you'll be refunding your payment.
  5. After 14 days, you can refund your payment through your payment system. If you paid through the site, we can help with your dispute case by providing evidence to PayPal.

If you skip or speed up any of these steps, you may have action taken against your account, and your refund may be disputed by us in favor of the artist. Please be patient and give the artist adequate time to respond.

Auction turned out different or worse than you thought
While disappointing, it does happen. Unfortunately, there's not much you can do and whether the artist gets punished or not depends on the severity of the auction's differences. Things that can be attributed to rushing, not caring enough, or being sloppy don't count against the artist. This includes missing accessories or slightly wrong character colors or parts. Your best bet is to give them a bad review and inform your friends of the situation.

However, if the art is not what was promised (e.g. you received a sketch when the auction said you'd receive a fully-colored piece), then action may be taken against the artist if you do not come to an agreement with them.

WIP's are not required
Unless the description of the auction says so, the artist does not need to provide you with WIP's, sketches, or anything else before uploading the final image.

Note to artists: Providing WIP's might help prevent further conflict, but you are not required to.

  • Contact an admin if the artist takes longer than 1 month to respond.
  • Contact an admin if you aren't happy with the finished auction result.
  • The artist isn't required to provide WIPs, although they can if they want to.


The Post-auction stage covers issues which arise after the auction has reasonably concluded.

An auction you bought is re-run
Sometimes an auction you bought and paid for and received an image of is now back up for sale. You thought it was original but it wasn't. While this is considered a very bad move if not said in the description, it's not disallowed on the site, and the artist is allowed to re-host auctions. However, if you contact an admin, we will require the artist put a clause in their description stating that the auction is not unique.
The user refunds their payment
In the unfortunate circumstance that you complete an auction and the user refunds their payment, contact an admin for help. If you didn't receive payment through the site, the best we can do is investigate and take action against the user.

If you did receive payment through the site, we are allowed to help submit proof in your favor that shows the user submit payment through us along with any other supporting evidence. This significantly boosts your chances of PayPal ruling in your favor and giving you your money back, and we'd be happy to help with that if the situation arises.

  • Contact an admin if a unique auction you bought is re-run.
  • Contact an admin if a user refunds their payment.
    We can help with PayPal disputes if the user paid on-site!