Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to a few of our most commonly asked questions.

If you can't find your answers here, feel free to reach out to us on Discord or via email at

What makes different from other YCH auction sites? was built entirely from the ground-up with a focus on speed, security, and simplicity.

We also put a significant focus on community involvement, where anyone can feel welcomed and where everyone's input and feedback makes a difference.

Can I sell adopts or commission slots here?


We even have an Adoptables category you can select when creating an auction.

Can I host an auction on multiple sites?

If you plan to make multiple versions of the auction with a winner on each site, then sure!

To avoid confusion, if the auction will only have 1 winner and is being run on multiple sites, then the auction is not permitted on

Remember: If the auction will have only 1 winner, then the auction must only be hosted on

How does the site decide which auctions to feature?

In order to make the Featured auctions fair to everyone, we created an algorithm that decides which auctions to feature.

The algorithm takes the following factors into consideration, listed from most impactful to least impactful:

  • The number of auctions you currently have running (less = better!)
  • The time remaining for the auction
  • Your average turnaround time
  • How many badges you have
  • How many auctions you've marked as completed
  • How many social accounts you have connected
  • How many upvotes the auction has
  • How many images you've uploaded to your portfolio

By taking all of these factors into account, many auctions on the site will get at least some time in the Featured section.

Am I allowed to re-list successful YCHs?

If the auction's description states that the auction is not unique, then you can absolutely re-list the auction with no problem!

However, if the description does not make it clear that the auction is not unique, then the auction is usually considered unique most of the time.

While we do allow you to re-list auctions that weren't initially stated to be non-unqiue, we just ask you to check in with the original winner of the auction to get their stance on it as a courtesy.

What do the ratings mean?

Since we cater to all ages here on, rating your auctions appropriately is critical.

Below are the ratings we have on the site.

  • Safe: Safe for all audiences. No suggestive, sexual, or violent content.
  • Suggestive: Implied sexual acts, sexual posing, or innuendo. No explicit nudity.
  • Explicit: Sex and explicit nudity. (including nipples, genitals, bodily fluids, etc.)
  • Shock: Hardcore fetish acts, body horror, gore, or bodily waste.
Is AI-generated stuff allowed?


If you suspect any auction of using AI-generated content in any form, please use the Report button to report the auction.

The Report button is located on the auction page directly underneath the main auction image.

Who are the admins on

The admins of are Ganix and Liz.

If you need to get in contact with either of them, you may reach them using any of the methods below.

Ganix Ganix
Discord: @ganix
Liz Bunnie
Discord: @lunar_bunnie