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Hi! I do highpoly sculpting with polypaint (no texturing, no rigging and no retopopoly)

Head - $55
Bust - $75
Half body - $95
Full body - $165

+ $20 for NSFW nude with genitals
+ $15 for files with model for 3D programs (blender and etc)
+ $25 for files for 3D printing
+ $20 for­ video with model (turntable 360°­)

About work:
- Any gender and body type
- Any pose (Important: Please indicate that you want a model in A-pose if you are going to do retopology and rigging! A-pose is best suited for this)
- Additional complicated details and complicated clothes can cost extra (just ask me in private messages please)
- No deadlines. I do the work in the order of the queue

About payment:
- Full prepayment on Boosty (you can use PayPal for this)
- No refunds

Answers to frequently asked questions:
✅ I only do high poly sculpts with polypaint
✅ I make renderings and videos with the rotation of the model
✅ I can give you the contacts of a person who can prepare your sculpts for animation or VR for you
❌ I don't do texturing, rigging or retopology
❌ I don't do models for VR chat and animation
❗ The sculptures themselves cannot be used in VR, but it can be adapted for this after retopology, rigging, texturing and etc.