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Fluffy Dream

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⭐️ paypal/boosty⭐️

You contact me via telegram or discort.
Also, when buying, be sure to indicate your FA

🍀 I remove the "adopt" caption and create your own custom watermark.
After payment you will receive 2 versions of the image:
1) Image without watermarks
2) Image with an individual watermark.
(This is for your protection against plagiarism).

🍀 If you do not have the opportunity to pay for the character in the near future, you can set a reservation (discussed in a private message).

🍀1-2 days are given for payment. I can also enter the position and wait a little more (because we may have a big difference in the time zone)

🍀You can make changes to the design

🍀You can't place bets and hide them

🍀 I do not accept money in advance, but only after the finished work and the approval of the customer.

🍀 I do not return the money for the character you bought.

🍀 Paypal chargebacks will automatically put you on my ban list.
( I will also create a list of blocked so that everyone can see them and be warned to alert others )

🍀 You can not resell the design for more than you paid.
( If the character does not have the drawn additional art commission)

🍀 Please, indicate the authors of the bases when publishing your works. Artists will be pleased to see that you appreciate their work. ( ◜ω◝ )

🍀 It is desirable to publish works with watermarks.
( This is for your safety. )