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It's that time again! Lil pon needs pets, and probably a towel.

  • Male or female. Body type is lithe and small.
  • Gryphon is Ralek
  • Any mlp race or similar, including gryphons.
  • Comes with cel shading before stretch goal.

Stretch goals - added as price rises
  • ✅300+ unlocks advanced cel shading. Includes more advanced lighting and several cel layers. Example.
  • ✅450+ Includes your choice of cross dressing (or clothing if female) or really messy facial edit.
  • ✅800+ Includes entire second adv. cel shaded picture relating to this one. Idea of your choosing involving Ralek and the character.
  • [Must adhere to character personality and doesn't include extreme fetishes]
  • 1000+ Add a third character (female or femboy) into both the main picture and the second commission picture. [Only partly visible in the main in order to adhere to the composition]
  • -or-
    Third flat color picture following the same theme as the other two.

Rules & payment
  • Payment through Paypal or Bitcoin.
  • Payment within 24 hours for <$300, 1 week for >$300