Outfit Adoptable 1849
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Autobuy - $350


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Prices and rules:

SB: $50
MI: $5
AB1: $350 (Includes the commercial license and PSD + PNG file + I design a character for you that matches the outfit's aesthetic - semi commission)

AB2: $500 (Includes commercial license, all files + I draw your OC on the base)

🌸Every Autobuy gives you 15% off of your next adopt!

🌸Commercial License is included in AB
🌸If you purchase an adopt by regular bid, you can obtain the commercial license any time, by paying the difference between your bid and the AB price.
🌸Payment via Paypal
🌸Anti sniping is active on YCH, every bid made within the last 10 minutes, extends the auction by another 10

⭐You can co-own the design with 1 other person when AB'ed
⭐To place a bid, reply to the last bidder
⭐Once purchased, you can edit anything you desire.
⭐Serious bidders only. Please do not bid more than you can pay for at the end of the auction.
⭐If you are going to resell, you may only resell for the same price you bought it.
⭐You have no rights to the adopt until you have sent the proper amount of money to my paypal. High resolution (no watermark and no example text) will be given after payment is received.

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