Tentacle Fun
Winning Bid - $---
Autobuy - $200

Overlord Girgy

Average turnaround: 5W
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Artist Info
Species: Can be Furry/Human/Pony/Kemomimi
Gender: Can be Female/Femboy/Male/Trans/Intersex
Payment: PayPal
Coloring: Full colors + Shading


Starting bid: 35 USD
Min Increment: 5 USD
Auto buy: 200 USD

++Bids over 50 come with an additional Messy/cum version
++Bids over 60 come with an penetration w/ oral version + previous alts
++Bids over 70 come with an additional penetration w/ oral messy/cum version +previous alts
++Bids over 90 come with an additional double penetration w/ oral + previous alts
++Bids over 100 come with an additional double penetration w/ oral messy/cum version + previous alts
++Auto buy comes with an animated cum version plus all previous variations

++Milk/Lactation can be added if desired!!

I will only begin working on the YCH after payment is sent and confirmed

Final product will be posted on my social media unless client wishes otherwise



-Only bid what you can afford!
-Payment must be sent within 24 hours of the auction ending.
-Failure to pay within 24 hours without any contact will result the YCH to go back up for auction.
-Please have a visual reference ready.