Adoptable Pegasus
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Average turnaround: 8D
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Read the description before bidding, please

★Payment info★

-This is a non-physical work. The work will be sent to this website or by mail.

-Method of payment: Paypal (USD)

-Payment within 24 hours.

-No refund.

-No e-checks or similar.

-Full payment in advance.


★Requirements I need to work:

-An email to send the invoice.


★ADOPT info★

Description of character: It lives deep in the forest. Its tongue is highly poisonous. Its tail always keeps its rear protected from possible predators or intruders. Sleep in caves or hanging from lush trees. It usually uses its tail to cut fruit or ... whatever it wants to cut.

-The gender is neutral (if you want female I can add eyelashes)

-The rights of the character will belong to you once the payment has been made.



SB or more: Simple reference in better resolution

$40 or more: An extra pose (side or front)

AB: Complete reference (2 drawings more: front and side) + 5 stickers of your choice of this oc + full drawing with this oc ^^

Example here:

NOTE: this does not include a cutie mark design
You can check my finished works in my artbook! 

If you have any questions, write a comment! ^^

Thanks so much for reading! ツ