Forest Walk
Starting Bid - $100
Autobuy - $500


Average turnaround: N/A
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Artist Info
I saw some YCH that where auctions so I thought, lets try that as well! This time the drawing will be a little bigger than my previous YCHs with a lot more detail.

Starting Bid: 100 $
Minimun Raise: 5 $
Auto Buy: 500 $

What will you get?
This drawing with your character there. You may decide what type of bird you want, if you don't have a preference it will be a crow. The background right now is just a sketch and a lot more details and plants will be added, this is just an indication to give you a feel for the drawing.

The style will be similar to this drawing :

- Respond to the previous bidder to bid
- Only bid if you are serious

- Only male characters
- Any species
- Body shape will not change
- I'll use your characters clothing if it has any unless its very complicated
- After this piece is sold you will get the drawing within 4 weeks