Kobold Knight Adopt
Winning Bid - $---
Autobuy - $3


Average turnaround: N/A
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I'm giving up for adoption this female kobold,
Since I don't connect with her.... So I am giving her at an affordable price!


Sb: $1
Min. $1
AB: $3

Have 2 sfw arts.

~Payment will be received in PayPal(US, LATAM or EU) with invoice or by PayPal.me link or Hippolink link (you can pay by credit card or paypal too, for countries where paypal does not work).
~When adopting you will have all the rights of the adoptable.
~I will give you the adoptable's arts in a dropbox link.
~Optional: If you have toyhouse I will transfer the character to you.

Toyhouse link to see the adopt:
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I would be interested in getting art with this character. If whoever wins is interested we could talk.

Not going to bid I have enough characters for now. Letting the other people here get some nice characters.
4/27/2024 7:46 pm