Beer animation gif (slot 3)
Winning Bid - $35
Autobuy - $55


Average turnaround: 5D
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Beer Animation

ych -gif animated-

✔ This work is digital (there is no physical delivery of this work). The animated gif will be delivered via e-mail or through CRM.

✘ I do not accept refund since this is a YCH, you already know more or less what you will receive.

✔ The ponies can be of any species or gender. Your designs should be simple. If you have questions, leave me a comment with your character reference or a link.

✔ I can also make similar animals, like canines or felines

✘ This YCH is not exclusive, I will launch several slots with the same base.

✔ The payment must be made once the auction is finished.

✔ Time to finish the work approximately between 3-5 or 10 days (depending on the complexity)

▶ Payment method: PayPal (USD)

how to pay? Once the auction ends and I contact you, An invoice to the email that you provide me.I will send you an invoice to the email that you provide me.


☆ Bid goals!!☆

● $35 or more: Lineart + flat colors

● $40 or more: Lineart + simple shading