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This YCH have one slot on YCH.commishes

↓ Tiers info ↓

  • 50$: cum version with alternative face expression&text

↓ Payment and additional costs info ↓

  • Min: 1$
  • Payment:
  • PayPal invoice or Boosty via card
  • The result of the auction may be private, tell me in advance (No extra cost needed)

  • I can edit/add for free for any tier:
  • - change face expression
    - change text
    - add clothing&accessories
    - make character more masculine
    - I'm open to other changes or additions as long as they are not change the art too much (big changes is possible but could cost extra)

↓ About the character for this auction ↓

  • Any species and feral (bat ponies, zebras, changelings, dragons, griffons, original species, feral pokemon and others too)
  • Any sex/gender
  • Can be any canon character
  • Character should have a digital reference (any digital images are also fine)

↓ Other information ↓

  • Deadline: 3-4 month
  • I will send you WIP for any changes/fixes

You can contact me through:

Discord: vladavlad#4646

Commission info: