Consolation gif (both slots)
Winning Bid - $50
Autobuy - $150


Average turnaround: 7D
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Artist Info
Read before bidding, please

I know that reading such a long description is boring, but it is necessary to avoid future misunderstandings.

--★ Payment Info ★--

-full payment in advance.

-This is a digital delivery work (NO physical) that is delivered to the mail or website that you use in jpg or png format.

-no refund.

-NO E-CHECKS or similar (I'm sorry, guys, I need the money at the moment)

-Payment method: Paypal (USD)

-how to pay? Once the auction is over, you must send me an email so I can send you the invoice.

-Payment within 24 hours.


b]--★ YCH Info ★--[/b]

-This YCH is not exclusive. More slots available, if you want one, you can contact me by instagram, discord, or mail. Thank you.

-Any gender/specie

-The accessories in the animation will have an additional cost of $ 1 for each element.

- frames: 7

-I DO NOT give all frames separately. Only the animation.

-In this gif I don't change poses or expressions (unless the change does not affect the animation so much. Ask before bidding.So all we avoid future misunderstandings )

-The design or color of your pony should not be too complex. Ask if you have doubts about it, please :)

-Approximate work time (depending on the complexity ... between 3 and 15 days)

-The days can be extended if the gif requires changes from the client.


-SB or more: lineart (black) + flat color 

☆Example here:

>>NOTE: In this gif, the lineart is already finished.<<

-$90 or more: lineart color + simple shading

-$100 or more: + background (Preferably nature)

❤ Thank you for reading! ツ

Any questions you have, write me in the comments! ^^