02 - Wet valentine
Winning Bid - $215


Average turnaround: 4W
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Artist Info
- Minimum increase: $10
- Simple color background
- You can have any character; Original characters or Fanart.
- She can have a simple outfit/swimsuit, you can also remove the dick if you want

!!- Pose cannot be changed drastically, but minor alterations (like boob size or nipple shapes) are OK.
!!- If you're not able to pay within 24 hours, you'll lose the auction. Repeated occurrences will be considered bluffing/rigging and will end in a ban.

You can see my artwork on my social media links on http://www.supersatanson.com, and here's a list of sexy powerups!
You can add them optionally as extras (3 max).
1 Comment
You can have it MaroonKaiser. I kind of already knew I was gonna get outbid. These auctions get crazy sometimes.
1/24/2020 3:20 pm