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Hi! :з
Here are a few conditions:

Designed for two or more characters

!!! The auction is held on two sites !!! In the comments I will write a report on the second auction !!!

!In the picture pony at the stage of sketching!

$5 - sketch, fragment
$10 - full, fragment
$30 - full
+ $10 - the ability to add a character, change poses
$100 - animated background

After the end of the auction, I will contact you within a day and I will wait for an answer for two days, so carefully monitor the time!

After the discussion, I will work from a week (if it is a picture) and more (if it is an animation), in the process I will send fragments for discussion.

!!!Payment within 24 hours after I send a fragment Of finished work, and then I send full art!!!
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$10 new bid at the second auction!
2/10/2020 4:31 pm