Tentacle Queen ych!!
Winning Bid - $301


Average turnaround: 10W
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Back to animations!!
- Futa or female (female/ versions of male characters are accepted. In case you want to be futa, the cock must fit in the stomach area)
- Unicorns, earth ponies and other furry species are accepted. (Of course, as long as its reasonable)
- Colors are completely customizable. (But its preferable that the suit/tentacles remain in dark-grayish tone).

Only accepted payment method is paypal!
Ill start working once i receive full payment.
It will take 2 weeks aprox to complete.
As always, any doubt or question ask me throught here or discord!
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Aw, looks like people really want it, it's already gone above $100. Can't really afford it but good luck to whoever gets it, can't wait to see the final result!
2/26/2020 2:21 am - edited 2/26/2020 2:22 am