Female YCH
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Autobuy - $65


Average turnaround: 2D
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Hello everyone. Here's a female YCH with just a few simple rules:

1- All species are fine (Including humans or characters) but wings cost extra depending on their size.

2- The character must be female.

3- Payment must be made as soon as the auction is over via PayPal only.

4- We can work with text descriptions but references for your character help us a lot.

5- One WIP of your piece will be sent a few days after the auction is over. You can ask for corrections before we finish the piece.

6- If the auction reaches:

$35 = You get a fully shaded piece.

$45 = You get an HQ (high quality) piece in our highest quality tier.

You can check a few more examples of our work as well as the differences of our quality tiers here.

AB = You get an HQ piece + 1 alt version of your piece with lingerie or a bikini of your preference as well as the original naked piece.

If you have any questions or doubts, please comment below!