On her Back
Starting Bid - $20
Autobuy - $70

Still Waters

Average turnaround: 4D
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The winning bid on this YCH will net you this picture, cleaned up and your choice of:
-Mane style.

$30 - Your choice of expression or 1 change to this picture (What a leg is doing, position of head, vulva style, etc) OR change the gender of the pony (includes free muzzle and eye-style edit)
$45 - 2 changes
$60 - 2 changes + optional medium complexity background

The picture will be finished up to include shading. This pony is naked by default. If you'd like to add in accessories, I'd ask for $1-20 more based on complexity.

Paypal accepted, as well as email money transfers.

If you'd like to contact me about this YCH or anything else, you can reach me at StillWatersPony[at]gmail.com