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Autobuy - $170


Average turnaround: 6W
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Only bid if you are actually interested AND can afford it ^^

What's possible?
  • Male and Female
  • Any pony species (all hooved)
  • Minor changes
  • Simple accessiors (socks for example)

What you get for how much you bid?

  • 50€+ you can get an expression changed version
  • 70€+ you can get a clothed version aswell & more complex clothing & more species (griffon, hippogriff etc.)
  • 100€ + the background can be even more customised / Female Slot may be male

Need to know!

  • Payment is upfront
  • No refunds (so only bid if you're serious!)
  • I will post the finished piece on my page and use it as examples for commissions (unless you tell me you do not wish so)
  • I will send you a rough sketch of your character and after agreeing on it I will not make any more major changes!
  • After recieving the payment it will be put on my to-do list:
  • [My TO-DO List]