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Average turnaround: 6W
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Up for action is an anthro style pony pressing his/her butt up against a glass shower door. Wet and steamy shower pics are always hot and now you can have your character show off their sexy bits.

Any race or gender.

  • Hair and tail is just a place holder and will match your characters style.
  • Auction will be lined and in a flat color art style.
  • File will be 300DPI @ 3035x4299 resolution.

Starting Bid: 25 USD
Minimum Bid: 5 USD

If the auction hits 65 the piece will be fully shaded.

If it hits 85 you'll get an edit of your choice; such as butt plug, watersports, cum, or a gender swap edit!

The winning bidder will have the option of upgrading to a higher tier.

*Limitations may apply*

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