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Average turnaround: 2D
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Hello there!

This is a rough sketch. Final piece will look much better!

Start bid - 20$USD
Min - 5$
AutoBuy - none

For start bid you will get colored sketch
If price will go more than 30$USD - You will get flat colored piece
If price will go more than 40$USD - You will get simple-shaded piece
If price will go more than 60$USD - You will get full shading
If price will go more than 100$USD - You will get an NSFW version
If price will go more than 150$USD - You will get full colored icon of your character as a gift

1. Female.
2. Pegasus, Unicorn, Alicorn, Bat-pony.
3. Payment must be completed within 48 hours after the auction ends.
4. If payment was not made on time, the auction will be closed and restarted.
5. You should have a link to the reference sheet.
6. PayPal only payment.
7. In the end you will get the full 2000x3000 pixels resolution with 350dpi quality.

If you have any questions write to this e-mail and i'll be happy to answer any of them -