Spirit of magical animals
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Spirit of magical animals, Silvia-Lin Dean.

She maintains harmony in the magic forest, preserving the species of living beings. She is also a spirit of fertility, so that people call out to her when they need help. Because of her burning eyes, someone considers her to be aggressive, but this is not so. She is kind to those who preserve the ecology of her world.

The skull mask on her head is not a real skull. She wouldn't have raised her hand to kill someone for decoration, so she made it out of clay by the lake.

This is just an example of its history, you have every right to rewrite it.

SB: $20 (Just an adoptable sheet without watermark)
Min: $1
AB: $40 ( I will draw a art with her of your wish, but not NSFW, she is too cute)

My instagram with drawing examples: https://www.instagram.com/x_lentils_x/

Good luck~