"Room for One More" CTF YCH
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"You look a little lost... Wandered off the path alone? On Nightmare Night, no less, how foolish! Don't worry, our group has room for one more, you're coming with us~"

Save poor Rainbow Dash from her fate by taking her place! Recently I remastered my old griffon CTF and wanted to try improving the pose I used for the old Discord CTF from years ago as well. Always thought the Chimera from S4 would be perfect for it~

One image CTF with short vignette story for context:

  • Can use any MLP pony shaped OC, such as unicorns, earth ponies, pegasi, bat pones, or zebras.
  • You can pick any expression you like.
  • Can add discarded costume components/accessories.
  • Will be finished and posted by Halloween on the 31st!
  • Finished version will have extra shading and details.

Please make sure it's a character design that's not crazily complicated or one that clashes with the MLP style; if you give me one like that I reserve the right to tone down the character so that they fit in with the style of the image. If in doubt, just send me a message before bidding on Discord or FA and I'll happily answer quickly to confirm. :D

Bonus Levels:
$50 - 1k word story
$100 - 2k+ word story

See artbook or my furaffinity (Icaron) for examples of my finished work!
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I look forward to seeing who is the lucky pony on this one X3
10/24/2020 4:07 pm