Pony or cat?
Winning Bid - $16
Autobuy - $40


Average turnaround: 6D
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NOTE: this is a sketch of low quality, the result will be much better. Check my finished works. The quality also depends on the bid.

▶ Payment in advance

▶ Method of payment: Paypal (USD)

▶ how to pay? Once the auction is over, I'll ask you for an email to send you an invoice. Once paid, I will start the work. :)

▶ I do not accept refund.

▶ Time to finish the work, depending on the complexity between 3, 7 or 14 days

▶ Keep in mind that this work is not physical, only digital delivery.

❣❣ BID GOALS! ❣❣

-SB or more: black lineart and flats colors

-$15 or more black lineart + simple shading.

-$30 or more: Lineart color + simple shading.

-AB: Full drawing of your oc


Thank you for reading! ツ

Any questions you have, write me in the comments! ^^