YCH Animation: 1 frame for every $2
Winning Bid - $102


Average turnaround: 3D
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Before we begin, important notice:

This is experimental. I may end up making a longer animation than I ever have before, and with that in mind, quality is not guaranteed. As the frame count rises, individual frame quality will drop. That being said, I do my best not to disappoint.

For reference, the average animation I post is 12 to 24 frames long and takes 1 to 2 hours for that level of quality.

If you're alright with all of that, read on!


  • Each $2 in the winning bid = One frame of animation.
  • The content of the animation will be entirely of my choosing. Whether a fight scene, dance, or otherwise, the finished product is a surprise.
  • Any species is acceptable as long as it has at least 2 limbs to animate.