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5$ : Clean lineart with flat colors
6$~10$ : Colors + Simple shadow/light
11$~49$ : Soft colors/shadows/lights
50$+ : + Complex background

♢ If 20+, I'll add a nude or/and cum version if you want~

♢ Paypal only.

♢ If you want, you can join this server made only for my NSFW commissions, where sometimes I do free raffles: [Or you can simply add me, BlackRoom#8749 ]
We can chat there and this way I'll be able to work way faster.

♢ Please check this list to have an idea of what you would like:

♢ Preview is just a sample, you can ask for any details like body type, clothing, horn/wings, different expression, toy insertion, different species, etc.

♢ I'll first draw the base sketch with your character, and when you're happy with it I'll draw the final lineart and so on.

♢ You can also ask for Canon Characters if you want [Like Rarity,Simba, etc]

♢ Please remember to tell me from the start if you want Black, Colored or No lineart. Check the list to see what they look like!

♢ This is not a "Unique" base and I will use it again.