Sexy bed & pillows YCH
Starting Bid - $20
Autobuy - $100


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This is a more suggestive YCH, it has your character lying in bed with many pillows that you can customize (shape, color, pattern, etc.), you are also able to add plushies, sex toys, more pillows, etc. into the drawing
The color of the bed sheets can also change! You just let me know. The lingerie or underwear can also be customized however you want, as well as the stockings! <3
It can be any species, I just used a dog girl as a base, it can either be female or a femboy.

The autobuy includes a nude version of the drawing! <3

I also have customizable commissions if interested, and you can find the prices through any of the social media below:
Instagram: @potobot
Twitter: @potobotto
Discord: Potobot#6049