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Autobuy - $100


Average turnaround: 8D
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Female pegasus/earth/unicorn/alicorn ponies only, OC or Canon. Mane and tail are just placeholders.
Colors for everything are up for discussion with the winner.
This piece - once sold - will not be re-sold nor will the sketch be re-used to make alternate versions.
The result will be a digital (raster) drawing at a fixed resolution, in a style similar to the following: >>1619516

Changes to the expression as well as smaller accessories (e.g. collar, wristbands, necklace) are allowed within reason. No socks or other pieces of clothing, though.

I'll increase the amount of work done based on how high the bids get:
  • $10 - Inking, monochome (just the character without background)
  • $15 - Inking, monochome (entire image)
  • $20 - Flat colors w/ black outlines
  • $30 - Flat colors w/ colored outlines
  • $40 - Smooth shading (black outlines)
  • $50 - Smooth shading (black outlines) + fluids* (linked image equivalent)

* refers to vaginal secretions (aka. female lubrication, pussy juice, vaginal fluids) as seen on the linked image. Amount (including none) is up for discussion within reasonable limits. Does not include watersports or other fetishes.

Color coding:
  • Brown: Bed Headboard
  • Grey: Mattress (the little bit of it that's visible)
  • Green: Sheet/Blanket
  • Light Blue: Pillow
  • Dark Blue: Wall
  • Red: Optional features
  • Purple: Placeholder design elements

Before inking you'll have a chance to review the sketch after the placeholders have been replaced with your character's features. This is where you should point out any issues with how the design was applied to the pose as changing it after inking is much more difficult.

Please have a reference sheet or equivalent instructions ready, I'm not good at coming up with characters out of the blue and I don't plan to start practicing that now ^^
This pose does not show the cutie mark, so you will not need to provide one.

My preferred contact method is Discord (you can find it on my profile), my timezone is UTC+1, and my language of choice is English. You may chose another contact method if your preference differs, but be prepared for potentially more delay in responses. WIPs and progress updates can be provided on request. I inted to post the finished piece on Derpibooru and Inkbunny, if you are not okay with that then be sure to let me know.

Expected completion time: within 1-3 weeks (depending on reached complexity)
If I fail to finish the image by 21 days after the auction ended you can ask for a full refund, but I will not be finishing the piece if you chose to do so instead of waiting. I should have no issues staying within my estimate unless some serious unforeseen hindrance hits me, which I can't realistically plan for. Thank you for your understanding.

Sorry that this was a long read, but this being my first YCH auction I wanted to make sure I cover anything I'd want to know myself if I was bidding on here. Finally, I'd like to publicly thank and suggest to you to check out the following artists who've helped me with feedback on this sketch before the auction went live:
Their continued support and constructive feedback has been helping me grow as an artist since the beginning and I literally would not be here today making this auction if it weren't for them. Please pay them a visit if you've got a couple minutes to spare.