Ych Couple oral
Starting Bid - $10


Average turnaround: 11D
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Hello \n.n/ what will your offer be?

10$ Plain Color
20$ Detailed Color, Detailed shades and Light
30$ Color, gradients, detailed shades, light and clothes of your choice
40$ All of the above mentioned + A background of your choice
50$ All the above mentioned, With advanced and highly detailed colors
• Any type, Any Species!
• Female or futa

-The character will be drawn in the position shown
-There is a various versions of this character Futa/Trap, Pony Girl Normal
-If you want some special edition you must have a link of reference
-The payment must be completed within 48 hours after the auction, otherwise I will proceed to contact another person from this auction.
-If i didnt contacted you in this time, the pay can be delayed

-Payment Metod: Paypal

Please, consider Paypal fee at the time you pay for the draw.