[♀/♂] Knotted Down
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Average turnaround: 5W
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IMPORTANT - Please note that the following restrictions may apply:

This is a quick sketch example of the pose, the final product will be significantly more polished.

Only canine/vulpine/feline OCs (and closely related).
Examples would be: Vulpix, Eevee, Zorua, Shaymin, Ninetales, etc.
No anthro / humanized versions

The male version would be, naturally, anal penetration with visible parts of the chosen OC.

SB 20,-
MB 5,-

Extension of the loop (i.e. climax) and / or other major changes are possible, may however require an extra fee in relation to the amount of additional frames.

Payment per PayPal only, USD.
The first reply has to be sent within 24 hours, otherwise the auction will move to runner-up.
Payments must be processed within 48 hours after the auction ends.

Please prepare proper reference pictures or descriptions beforehand.

Disclaimer: This is not an exclusive auction, there may be multiple versions of this picture with different characters.