a call at night
Starting Bid - $35


Average turnaround: 6D
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Note: I work alone, so it depends on the level you auctioned, your artwork may take 3-4 weeks, this is just a sketch, the ending will be better.

They can be men, women or futa.

<< SB: $ 35
<< Mi: $ 5
<< AB:

-any breed
Any gender level

For auctions over $ 35 you will have:

+ flat colors
+ simple background.
If it reaches $ 100 or more
+ soft shadow
+ flat background colors
- - - - - ----------------------------------
If it reaches $ 150

+ full color
+ sfw version + nsfw (may have slight change in pose + add character if your choice)
+ Background shown
+ a slight change of expression

------------------ -------------

if you win

- Must have a ready reference (photos, not stories).

- You must be able to pay within 24 hours after the auction ends or you will go to the second highest bidder.

- For auctions higher than 230 or more, 50% may be paid at the time of winning the auction and the rest at the time of delivery will have a limit of 1 week to complete the payment.

- I will contact you via email or CRM to discuss additional details / PayPal address etc.