hot ass fuck ych
Starting Bid - $20
Autobuy - $40


Average turnaround: 9D
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-Emergency commision!-

I'm in need of incomes for this week so I'm opening this sexy YCH auction for your character ^^

SB: 20$
MB: 5$
AB: 40$

Furry / pony (Females only)

SB = Full color+shading+simple background

AB = Full color+shading+extra details+detailed background

Important note: English is not my first language so I might ask you to try to give me good references and a detailed and precise description (without using slangs of misspelled words) of what do you want to see in this YCH with your character so I can translate it properly!

Payment is only via Paypal in USD, you can either use the automatic payment system provided by the site or via Paypal invoice ^^

Average deadline: 3 - 4 days (depending on the complexity of the drawing)

I will start working in the YCH as soon as the payment is done!