split pose nude ych
Starting Bid - $25
Autobuy - $40

Kamikaze Lenna

Average turnaround: 12D
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Participate and win a sexy YCH drawing of your pony OC!

Female /futa / femboy
Furry or pony
Any race

SB: 25$
MB: 5$
AB: 40$

What you will get if winning the auction:

A drawing of your pony OC in this YCH.

With a more detailed background of your preference
full colored and shaded
blush and some makeout of your preference (optional)
Any detail you want (like changing colors, hairstyles, color of clothes, piercings, accesories, etc)

Payment is with U$D via Paypal or invoice through mail.
You can send me a message here or through my mail with the references and info of the character you want in the art piece.

Participate and win, good luck all!
Thank you for supporting my art!