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Average turnaround: 1D
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I am able to draw any species and any Can design. My style is more animal like, so please keep that in mind 💖 This is a clone YCH.

🌟 10 USD - Flat colored
🌟 18 USD - Shaded
🌟 If you want to buy a slot, please hit the autobuy option and your slot is guaranteed. I will ask you if you want a flat colored or shaded YCH!

💫 Payment via Paypal (invoice)
💫 I will send an invoice for your bid converted in Euro (€); ych.commishes doesn't support other currencies and Paypal charges an additional conversion fee on top of the normal fees.
💫 Payment must be sent 48h after the invoice has been sent.

💫 Turn around time: 1-2 days
💫 Refunds only if I can't complete the artwork
💫 I would need an image of your character, I'm unable to draw from descriptions
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